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WxCory First Post!

Good Afternoon,

This post will be very different from what will be posted on this blog. How is that? Well, this post won't be solely based on weather and what is going on but will be more of an "About Me" post to give you a preview into my life and why I love weather so much. As a Senior Student Meteorologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I am getting ready to start a new and exciting part in my life in which I try to start a career in something that I love very much. How did I get to this point though? Well it all started as a child growing up in Florida. I was obsessed with weather (especially hurricanes) The 2004-2005 hurricane seasons really led me into the love of weather itself. It was so interesting to me, "How did it all work? Why did it happen?" were just a few of the things brought up in my mind every time I saw something happening in the sky. Fast forward to 2009 when I moved to North Carolina and my love of Winter Weather as well as Severe Weather really blossomed. As a Floridian seeing the world transformed into a winter wonderland was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. I am now a college senior and throughout the four years of being here I have learned so much about weather can't wait to share some of that knowledge with you. Thanks so much and until next time. Cory M. Smith


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