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Sure Signs You Are A Meteorology Student

When telling people that you are a meteorology major they respond with:

“Oh, so you are going to be on TV?”

Or (my favorite)

“Oh that’s cool, I love space and meteors”

When it comes to classes:

  • Taking over half your classes with engineering students (or students of another major)

  • Hearing those students complaining nonstop about their major.

  • Waiting in your gen ed’s for your next meteorology class to start.

  • Dreading your meteorology classes (not all of them) such as Dynamics since you know you’ll have hours of homework because of it.

  • Spending the next day and a half with your friends working on one dynamics problem.

  • Going through copious amounts of colored pencils so you can contour.

  • Learning things about weather that you didn’t know existed and totally geeking out over it.

When It comes to your life:

  • You have at least one type of weather instrument at home.

  • Everybody you know texts you to answer their weather questions.

  • You can tell everybody about “the storm” that made you want to become a meteorologist.

  • Whenever a severe storm is within 20 miles of campus your Meteorology Group Chat explodes.

  • Then over half of you go to chase the storm, while the other half tracks it on their computers in class.

  • Depending on the type of weather (severe, tropical, or snow) you have a have a friend that you talk to about it that loves it as much as you do.

And The Most Important:

You get to learn about something that you love everyday while making lifelong friends along the way!

Are there any that I missed? Leave more in the comments section below!


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