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I'm Done With College... Now What?

So, in the last few months a couple of pretty big things happened in my life:

1. I graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology

2. I moved to a different state after accepting a TV Meteorologist job.

With that being said, things have really changed for me. For any of you who are about to be done with college or are have just gotten out; be ready because after you get that first job things change at breakneck speeds.

Late in 2017, I was working at a call center listening to disgruntled customers yell at me night after night. Was it a 'fun' job... well no, but it helped me save money for the meteorology job I would hope to land within the following months. During this time, I applied to over 50 stations as well as 20 non-TV companies. I heard back from 5. This is something you should expect (your numbers will vary) but, expect to not hear back from many of the places you've applied to. Don't be discouraged when two weeks pass and you haven't heard anything because I promise, you eventually will.

After much thought, I ended up accepting a job position in West Virginia (where I am currently at) as a Weekend Meteorologist and Weekday Reporter. One of the hardest things so far has been saying goodbye to Charlotte, the city that I fell in love with over the last few years. I swapped the busy city life for a much calmer and rural surrounding. With that switch though, I gained the view of rolling hills and the meandering Ohio River. I honestly can't wait to explore the natural surroundings that Ohio and West Virginia have to offer.

As I live here in the Mid-Ohio Valley I can't wait to update you on my life and bring you more exciting posts here on!

To anybody that has read this I want to hear from you. Write your story after graduating in the comments below.


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