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See Ya Later Alligator!

Well, y'all it is about time to wrap up another chapter in my life. The last 2 years here in Louisiana have been something else! Historic weather encapsulated my time here in Acadiana including multiple strong tornadic events, over half a dozen tropical events (including two CAT 4 systems), and even some winter weather!

All of this during my time at News 15 has made me a better meteorologist, a better weather communicator, and a better forecaster. I have had a wonderful time learning the culture and seeing the natural beauty that is Southern Louisiana but, now its time to head back a little closer to home.

Later this month I am moving to Columbia, SC which (if you have read my earlier blog posts) is very close to my home of Charlotte, NC. While I will be back in an area that will feel like home again for me, I look forward to exploring Columbia and all that the Carolinas have to offer!

I hope you continue to keep updated with my latest adventures because there are many more to come!

- Cory


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