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If I had one word to describe the winter of 2018-2019

Well if you have been outside, or hiding inside during the winter of 2018-2019 you'll know the one word I am thinking about.


So just to clear things up climatologically speaking, winter is December through February, and this go around we ended up seeing quite a bit of rain across the US. You can see on the figure below that not only did we see a lot of rain here in the Mid-Ohio Valley but, also across much of the central and eastern US.

Here in the Parkersburg we did some record-breaking of our own. We actually set the record for the wettest winter ever with 15.87 inches of precipitation. As you probably know, a lot of this was not snow and fell in the form of rain. Which brings us to our next topic, the temperautres.

Outside of the cold snap in January which saw some record cold throughout much of the Central and Eastern US, this winter ended being warmer than average for much of the eastern US... a trend which will likely continue each year thanks to an ever-changing climate. The western US saw a bit more cold compared to the east which led many places to see a closer to average winter in terms of temperature.


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